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Encouraging Public Participation in Archeological Research

Chupadero Archeological Resources, a Limited Liability Company is owned by Mark Scott Henderson.  Mark started the Company in 2007 to stay active in archeological resource conservation and research when he received a discontinued service pension upon completion of nearly thirty years as an archeologist in the United States Civil Service. The business niche of Chupadero Archeological Resources is to "encourage public participation in archeological research" where the nature of funding, project timing for fieldwork and reporting allow for the maximization of employment of 'non-traditional' archeological workers and volunteers.  Chupadero Archeological Resources LLC emphasizes conservation of archeological resources as espoused by Leave No Trace , TREAD Lightly  and Project Archaeology programs.

What's New with Chupadero Archeological Resources?

11. BLM Taos District and Vecinos del Rio, Mesa Prieta Project - Volunteer Adult Assistant (June 2009, June 2010)

12. St. George District BLM - Identification and Inventory of Old Spanish Trail Main Route from Newcastle, Utah to Utah-Arizona State Line and Reconnaissance of Armijo Route from Hildale Utah to Utah-Arizona State Line near Mouth of Bulldog Canyon (July 2009 - present)

13. Arizona Strip District BLM - Identification and Inventory of Old Spanish Trail Corridor from Utah/Arizona State Linein vicinity of Beaver Dam, Arizona to Arizona/Nevada State Line in vicinity of Mesquite, Nevada  (September 2009 - present)

14. Old Spanish Trail Association Trail Stewardship Training - Chupadero Archeological Resources owner Mark Henderson co-facilitated three Trail Steward Workshops as a consultant to the Old Spanish Trail Association (OSTA) in September and October 2010.  The Old Spanish National Historic Trail Stewardship Program is funded by the Arizona State Office and St. George Field Office of the US Bureau of Land Management through and Assistance Agreement with OSTA.

15. Junction Bridge Archeological Site Documentation - Chupadero Archeological Resources is providing expertise and equipment to assist the Taos District of the BLM under a Group Volunteer Agreement with the Taos Archaeological Society to update the site record for the Junction Bridge Archeological Site (LA 89398) which contains first half 20th Century building foundations and historic and aboriginal petroglyph components. 

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Inspiration from Rock Art

How You Can Participate

For more information on how you can join in the fun of archeological research with Chupadero Archeological Resources contact Mark Henderson at the e-mail below, by mobile phone (702 250-6512) or at the home-office address:

Mark Henderson, Owner

Chupadero Archeological Resources

1416 Conejo Road

El Prado, New Mexico  87529-7405 

New Project - GeoTourism & Citizen Science

Chupadero Archeological Resources has plans to expand into "Citizen Scientist" Archeological Conservation workshops and public site tours in the vicinity of Taos, New Mexico.  This plan is stimulated by the National Geographic Sustainable GeoTourism initiative ( and will be implemented under a Special Recreation Permit with the Taos Field Office of the US Bureau of Land Management.

Plans are for a pre-requisite half day (morning) field seminar concentrating on recognizing and documenting rock art, with a half day (afternoon) optional extension visiting a prehistoric pueblo with emphasis on recognizing and documenting surface pottery sherds, chipped stone debris and structures reduced to rubble.  Special efforts will be made to provide information that may be useful for classroom teachers who wish to include conservation archeology topics and activities in the classroom.  Efforts to implement this program in 2011 collapsed because of the lack of demand and the high cost of liability insurance under a "commercial" model.  Conversations continue to offer these programs under "volunteer agreements" with the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service.